Traveling In New York – A Complete Guide for Your Next Visit

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New York is such a beautiful city, full to the brim with skyscrapers, shops and so much more; when you visit New York you need to be able to get around as quickly and as cheaply as possible; thankfully this is not hard to do if you know the local transport system.

One of the great methods of travel is the Hop-on Hop-off New York Bus Tour that can be taken advantage of if you have a New York Pass, this pass will let you on the bus that will take you from one place to another without you having to worry about how you’re going to weave in and out of the traffic or whether or not you have enough cash for a taxi ride. Not only does the bus take you to some of the buildings/attractions that New York is most famous for but it also last for not one day, but two which means you can slow down and see New York at your pace.

They are an attraction in themselves and are quite literally all over the place, I’m talking about the huge amount of taxi’s that make their way around New York every single day. If you need to get somewhere then all you have to do is step slightly off the curb and hold your arm out; if the taxi lights are lit up showing just the medallion number it means the taxi is available to take fares, if the ‘Off Duty’ lights are lit up it means just that and if there are no lights lit up at all it means the driver already has a fare; so to summarize all you need to look out for is a taxi whose medallion numbers are lit up and make sure you have the minimum fare on you which is approximately $2.50.

If it’s raining and you cannot get a taxi because they seem to disappear when it rains, or you want to travel further you can always ride the subway. The New York subway may seem pretty scary to those who are not used to it but if you go prepared and have a New York Metro Card with you, then it won’t be that difficult. The subway is a great method of transport with many trains arriving every hour. You do need to be careful though because there are pickpockets, etc. around – but this isn’t just limited to New York, it’s a world-wide issue for subways. Thankfully the crime rate is no longer what it used to be but it’s better to play things safe and not take any risks. Subway travel can be a lot of fun and it is a very convenient and fast method of transport.


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